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Ok so this is a new info page...sort of my one way blog of getting info out there that I learn...or just feel like saying...

10/19/15 - Now this way cool! - Go to this website to find out what song was #1 the day you were born: . Not only does it show you the song, you can play it and watch the video too! COOL!

2/18/15 - CONGRATULATIONS to my favorite band, Dead Sara, whose cover of  Nirvana's  "Heart-Shaped Box"  won the award for "Best Song, Original or Adapted" at the National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers 14th annual awards program.

2/9/15 - Kanye! What is your problem dude? There are other people in the world that like other things besides Beyonce. I am not a Beck fan, but dude! That's crazy!

1/24/15 - I came across this strange post today when I was googling something about my favorite band - Dead Sara 

This basically says that Dead Sara who only recently announced the release of their second album on Pocket Kid Records has already done a deal for a third album with a Major Label Partner. The post is written in a press release format but I can find no such press release anywhere on the internet.

Being the curious person that I am I called Pocket Kid Records about this "so called" press release and they said that no press release had been made and they were unaware of any such release, but that they had signed a "short-form" contract with a Major Label for the release of Dead Sara's third album sometime next year with Pocket Kid Records as an imprint and that all the detalls would be disclosed some time in the future when all the "long forms" were completed. They would not confirm the details and the parties names on the above link, so we don't know if the details on the above link are all exactly true as these boards are known for posting blatantly untrue stuff to influence stocks.

However, this is huge news for Dead Sara and Pocket Kid Records, as I have confirmed that a contract with a major label has been signed even if we don't know with whom yet. Congratulations to Dead Sara and Pocket Kid Records!

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