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Friday, March 30 2012
Wow! I went to the Warped Tour launch party Thursday night March 29 at Club Nokia in LA. There was a press conference and performances featuring Falling In Reverse, the Used, Dead Sara, Yellowcard.

Make no mistake about it, Dead Sara was the class act of the night outperfroming everyone there including all of the above!

And I am not the only one who thought that....Here are some of the Youtube and facebook comments about the night:

So tonight you guys stole the show, by far. Awesome job!
You guys seriously killed it tonight at Nokia...just wish u guys could have a longer set...damn u Yellowcard lol!
You guys just killed at Club Nokia! None of those other bands could touch what you're doing. You guys are the best thing to happen to rock and roll in years!!
i saw them live, omg her voice is even more epic when you see them in person. i never heard of them until i saw them at the vans warped tour kick off party!! im so hooked ^_^ she's so cool too i got her to sign a shirt i bought ^_^
Had no clue who these BAMFs were until a Warped Tour show last night. Will not soon be forgetting, and didn't know what I was in for. K.i.l.l.e.d. it.
You guys all flat out destroyed on Thurs night - loved it! Have a great tour!
AMAZING performance tonight! After the stages in Austin at SXSW it was nice to see them blow the ROOF off Club Nokia! Sean tore up his KIT, FanTastic!!! :)
you kicked ass lass night jumping of the amp was badass . your amazing
The show last night was great thanks so much! I'm so happy to see a female performer!
Killer show Dead Sara. My friends and I had a blast!! Looking forward to the Chevelle show at Nokia...Woop Woop!!

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Saturday, March 17 2012
Well DEAD SARA is quite a band. Probably the most critically heralded band to come out this century. Personally I think they will bring on a Renaissance to Rock And Roll that we haven't seen for a long time. Rather than me telling you about them,

Listen to their music  here: DEAD SARA

read what others are saying about them below
“Hat’s off to Pocket Kid records as well for finding what will be the best band of 2012 in my estimation…I’m sad I didn’t know this band before they got their big break. I would have sold most everything I own to sign this band. Emily Amstrong is the best female rock singer of 2011. YES I SAID IT, I have the balls to say it! The best…This band will be a house hold name in 2012, The record label hit gold with this one. I wish them both the best and thank them for bringing Dead Sara’s Music to our ears.”
- Over The Top, (Dec 01, 2011)

“This is one of the most amazing CDs to come out in a long time. Groundbreaking, earth shattering, grab you deep into your very soul and shake you at your core kind of music, that forever holds you and makes such a deep impact, the imprint is left upon you forever. I know I repeated myself here but it needed to be said again, the album is that special and amazing!! Refreshing and about time!!!” Mark Lewis,

“Dead Sara is set to take the world by storm with the release of the band’s self-titled album coming in August. This unique and innovative group is fronted by a pair of powerhouse Lady Rockers. Emily Armstrong’s raspy, sultry vocal style can be described as nothing short of electrifying, while guitarist Siouxsie Medley’s dynamic guitar work should drive Dead Sara to the lofty heights of the Rock World. There’s no way to pin a label on Dead Sara. The band’s sound ranges from radio friendly pop to metal, punk, southern rock, and back again. Their diversity of sound is what will give Dead Sara the edge in overall appeal that a lot of bands lack. Armstrong’s voice is so complex, varying from the softest vocal to a raspy scream reminiscent of the early rock goddesses that came before her. ” Jeff M., Litte Rat Bastard

” If you call yourself a fan of rock music, you will soon be calling yourself a fan of Dead Sara! ”
- Future Rock Stars (Nov 30, 2011)

“When was the last time you listened to an entire record and didn’t hit the ‘skip’ button? When was the last time you listened to an entire record and every song reached out, grabbed you by the throat and screamed to your heart, “WAKE UP”!!!! When was the last time an entire record actually did wake you up from the emotional slumber that the last decade of monotonous music has sent you in to? In my opinion music has been in a coma for over a decade, but here is a band that’s about to breathe life into your life! Go listen to Weatherman and see if it doesn’t make you feel like you can take on the world! Go listen to a few other songs and see what kind of emotions they inspire: Dead Sara….And as far as music goes, this crap works better than any other crap out there!”
- Crap That Works (Dec 04, 2011)

“One thing becomes very clear upon listening to Dead Sara’s self-titled debut full length album: this band will not be flying under the radar for long. Fronted by lead singer/rhythm guitarist Emily Armstrong and lead guitarist Siouxsie Medley, the band has a distinct swagger and incendiary sound…Armstrong’s vocal range and quality are astonishing… One minute, she’s handling a soaring ballad with ease, and the next, she’s screaming with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns. Partner-in-crime Medley may not be the band’s frontwoman per se, but her guitar takes center stage alongside Armstrong’s riveting voice. She consistently brings the ruckus, laying down riff-after-memorable riff that form the basis for Dead Sara’s unmistakably heavy and haunting sound. …A rarity in today’s hard rock scene, Dead Sara exhibits a simultaneously polished yet raw and primal sound….Dead Sara is nothing short of a must listen for any hard rock fan.”
- Jason Shane, Antiquiet (Sep 28, 2011)
” Dead Sara brings to today’s rock what Heart and Joan Jett brought to yesterday’s rock. The female fronted duo of Emily Armstrong and Siouxsie Medley unleashes a gritty mix of rock, pop and soul. Their self-titled debut album, which drops October 11th, combines classic rock with a modern sound. Armstrong’s raspy vocals are a mix of Linda Perry and Janis Joplin, while the band behind her incorporates melodic riffs and seductive power chords. The rock anthem “I Said You Were Lucky” and the radio friendly “Weatherman” will catapult Dead Sara to the top of the music charts. If there is a lesson to be learned from what Heart and Joan Jett were able to accomplish, look for Dead Sara to do the same in today’s musical climate. ”
- Jason Tanamore, Zoiks! Online (Sep 10, 2011)
” Dead Sara’s one-two, estrogen packed punch of frontwoman Emily Armstrong and lead guitarist Siouxsie Medley is a force to be reckoned with, showcasing their wares time and time again on their self titled release…Dead Sara as a whole is a sight to behold, a record well deserved of a listen. Give it the chance; it will surprise you, plain and simple. ”
- Brian Campbell, Buffalo NY, Examiner (Sep 04, 2011)
“Armstrong’s vocals flawlessly blend an artful mixture of Melissa Etheridge and Joan Jett with, when tactically necessary, a potent dose of Janis Joplin thrown in for attention-commanding effect. Join those vocals with Siouxsie Medley’s solid guitar work, and you have the female juggernaut that makes up the heart and soul of Dead Sara.”
- Staff, (May 01, 2011)
“Dead Sara IS Emily Armstrong (vocals/guitar), Siouxsie Medley (guitar/vocals), Chris Null (bass), Sean Friday (drums). Dead Sara IS not a pop band. Dead Sara IS all we want from a band and more. Dead Sara IS not “Chick Rock” They are a hard hitting, in-your-face, meat and potatoes rock and roll outfit from Southern California. Period! In a time of conformity and playing along with the mold makers who often times control what is entering the ears of the listening public, it is very refreshing to discover a band like this. They have shunned the advice of music executives who thought they needed a more “poppy” sound and stayed true to what they want to play and thank God! Here’s the message that Dead Sara proudly displays ” This is us, deal with it”! ”
- Glen Casebeer, American Rock Scene (Sep 13, 2011)

“The quartet of Armstrong, guitarist Siouxsie Medley, Chris Null and Sean Friday announced their presence as one of L.A.’s prime hard-rock contenders earlier this year, and their forthcoming album (due Oct. 11) packs enough punch to knock a (Sunset) boulevard full of pretenders out of the ring.”
- Kevin, Buzz Bands (Sep 01, 2011)

“Dead Sara’s self-titled album comes across as a diamond in the rough. The passion and emotion embedded in every note is quickly detected in Emily Armstrong’s vocal range. The musical outbursts expelled by the band come across as an unpredicted ticking time bomb, releasing chaotic moments of energy and destruction into an unstable environment….Dead Sara’s grunge-rock-like sound with a modern splash is exactly what radio stations everywhere have been waiting for. ”
- Jacob Gaitan, Campus Circle (Aug 23, 2011)

“At one time or another, most of us have had the “desert island” conversation with our friends, where we make a list of the ten movies/books/music albums we would want if stranded on an island with sand and a coconut tree….Dead Sara’s ability to put out a pure, back-to-basics rock album that channels so much inner feeling and the superb work ethic required to write such powerful songs have endeared them to those who have been lucky enough to hear them. Their music is infectious and leaves you wanting more, but that is not what has endeared them to me. It is their ability to tap into all that is rock and extract out something new and profound and remind me of why I love music in the first place. That is why I am including them in my desert island library.”
- Clay, Nanobot Rock Reviews // Music Reviews – For Fans By Fans (Aug 16, 2011)
“The time has come to leave all you’ve known to be safe and secure behind. It is time to let go of the simplicities of mainstream rock and accept the revolution that is Dead Sara. With as much ferocity of even the most seasoned bands, Dead Sara stands atop those before them and plants their flag, confidently claiming their place in rock. This tight group of four, hailing from L.A., explodes out of the gates with their ground shaking self-titled album. In today’s music, it is rare to deliver something truly unique. Dead Sara raises the bar and has drawn my attention, if not much more.”
- Greg, Nanobot Rock Reviews // Music Reviews – For Fans By Fans (Aug 16, 2011)
“I consider myself lucky to have gotten my hands on Dead Sara’s debut album early enough so that I can say “I told you all so!!” The rest of you will have to wait until October 2011 to purchase the album and hear it in it’s entirety. Until then you can attempt to get by with the bands first EP “The Airport Sessions” and what has sneaked onto youtube. I promise you though, the debut album is a whole other entity….Coming in at 11 tracks with more balls and diversity than anything I have heard in a while, with musical shifts from sweet folk and sad blues to screeching metal howls, to rock and roll and back again – This music can’t be classified in any way -other than GOOD…. and it’s no joke, they are THAT good “-
The Dead Hub
(Jul 14, 2011)
“Two is always better than one, and with this dynamic duo nothing could be more true. These Los Angeles natives are a spectacle of roller coasting riffs and vocal passion. The contrast between Medley and Armstrong is what makes their music so great. Medley remains grounded, keeping the rhythm and sound majestic and strong throughout, while Armstrong’s ability to sing the Blues one second and skillfully unleash a guttural howl the next is something to behold. “
““Whispers & Ashes” is unlike anything I have heard in a while. The music is almost ceremonial – very rhythmic. Within moments, Emily Armstrong throws her voice on top and you are taken back by her soulful raspy vocals. The musicianship is quality stuff on this track – a great way to introduce a listener to the band…. Now we are treated to some excellent rock on the next song, “Monumental Holiday.” Guitarist Siouxsie Medley tweaks and twists her guitar to deliver not only some killer riffs, but some feedback that makes any guitar enthusiast drool.””
- Todd Jolicouer , (Aug 26, 2011)

“This is one of those unique bands that places their feelings out there for the world to see in the manner of their music and show no regret or shyness and have no apologies for whatever the song may say. They push every genre limit and tag and do so exceptionally well. They make you listen by keeping each song unpredictable such that with every turn on the playlist there is an unexpected edge or softness or shred or bassline. Keep a watch out for their CD to come out and get it fast! This is a band that will be worth listening to and relevant for a long time.” Macavity, Muen Magazine

“Dead Sara is an LA based band fronted by Emily Armstrong and Siouxsie Medley both solid female fronts with equal parts passion and creativity. I was taken immediately by the vocals and that was all the “hook” I needed. What have I said, “Give us a voice that moves us”. Emily sings with balls and a growl that is infectious. This girl could sing me a song she wrote about how much she hates me and I would stand and clap….ENCORE!!!” Wurds Smith, Daily Unsigned

“Dead Sara is a wonderful and amazing treasure from L.A. A female fronted Rock band with guts, heart, and soul. They prove right from the get go on their debut CD that they are going to be here for a long, long time. Comprised of Emily Armstrong on Lead Vocals, Siouxsie Medley on Lead Guitars, Chris Null on Bass, and Sean Friday on Drums, they are a 4 piece powerhouse that are going to shake up the Rock-N-Roll world in ways it hasn’t been shaken in along time.” Mark Lewis,

“Dead Sara fashions a strain of primal rock that’s loud enough to awaken the ghosts in both the indie and metal underworlds, and maybe even get them to dance a bit. The quartet’s sound is the brainchild of childhood pals Emily Armstrong and Siouxsie Medley, shredders both, singer Armstrong with her rocker-girl wailing and guitarist Medley with her lightning licks.” Kevin Bronson, Buzz Bands

“I’ll go out on a limb & say they have the best female singer is rock music today in their band…rooted in blues & branching out from punk Emily Armstrong IS a young, hungry rock star & if you have not heard of her yet you soon will…Dead Sara is a kick ass rock band & my prediction is that they will be the next big thing in rock…” Rock N Roll Experience

“The folks in Dead Sara are finding an instant and immediate audience and there’s no doubt this is because they have an outstanding lead singer. Emily Armstrong is a young lady who is obviously on the quick path to success. She and her bandmates have come up with a real winner here. This self-titled album features smart loud guitar driven pop/rock tunes that would already be effective…but that unmistakably focused voice makes them even more impressive.” LMNOP

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